Welcome to the Steeping Calm Newsletter: The Essence of Island Elixir Tea Company

At Island Elixir Tea Company, our mission is to cultivate a kind and compassionate world, one cup of tea at a time. We are dedicated to crafting beautiful teas that inspire individuals to pause and infuse calm into their daily lives. Our unique tea blends are lovingly crafted to offer a taste experience curated to delight the palate and nurture the spirit.  The weekly Steeping Calm Newsletter embodies our mission to Steep Calm into your day.  While we do give shout outs to new stockists, introduce new products, and offer other news we think might be directly useful to you, the purpose of the content is to create space to share with you information that resonates with the core values that define us: Serenity, Perseverance, and Well-being; principles we endeavour to steep into every cup of tea we offer.  


At Island Elixir Tea Company, we believe that tea is more than just a beverage; it's a ritual that invites calmness into our lives.  But, Serenity being at the heart of our mission, we also believe in sharing inspiration to accompany that cup.  Let us guide you to discover new ideas and practices to lead you into tranquility.


Just as the journey of a tea leaf from seed to cup requires perseverance, so do we all to thrive. Just as the farmer nurtures the plants through the seasons and provides the meticulous care that goes into harvesting and processing each leaf, so do we need some nurturing from time to time.  Consider this part of the newsletter a little boost to help you navigate life's challenges with grace. Like the steadfast tea plant thriving in adversity, we too possess the strength to persevere.


Well-being is the foundation of our bodies and undoubtedly enhances our success.  In this section, we hope you will find the information useful in looking after your own well-being.  From boosting immunity to promoting sleep, watching our stress levels, to getting out in nature, we're committed to supporting your wellness journey through tea and words.

One more thing

Just a little something offered in parting.


We include references and links to information we find useful.  This is provided only because we like the product / author / artist / etc. There are no affiliate links ... tea is our business.  Sharing information with you is just one more way to nurture my spirit.

Welcome to the Island Elixir Tea Company family.

Steep Calm,

Welcome to the Steeping Calm Newsletter: The Essence of Island Elixir Tea Company
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