No. 3 - On connection

Friday, March 8 was International Women's Day, a day created to imagine, bring awareness to and drive a gender equal world. I hope you took the opportunity to connect with a woman in your life who has been a powerful influence, an oasis, inspiring or just plain wonderful. If you didn't, it is never too late to let someone know that they play an important role in your life, no matter how small or how near or far. Sometimes, hearing from you is exactly what they need. And perhaps today reading this is exactly what you need. Either way, thank you for making connection.


To evoke a familiar image, serenity resembles the surface of water. Minor disturbances, like a pebble being gently dropped, settle relatively swiftly. In contrast, major disruptions, resembling a boulder thrown forcefully from a great height, require considerably more time to calm. My week was peppered with stones of various sizes. For instance, an unexpected snowfall that led to temporary chaos in my neighbourhood transitioned into a delightful snowy walk with my son - a quickly settling disturbance. Others, not quite as monumental as a boulder but still significant, have still not completely settled. In both instances, a pathway toward a more peaceful future emerged. And in both cases the underlying positive outcomes stem from connections—whether formed spontaneously in the moment or through deliberate efforts. These experiences reinforced the notion that the journey to tranquility might navigate through turbulence, but by seizing opportunities for connection, it can lead to even calmer waters.


When medium to large-sized boulders are thrown into your lake, patience and perseverance are required to wait until the ripples finally disappear. One of the most valuable approaches to finding that patience and to persisting through is understanding why you're engaging in "the thing." The essence of grit and determination is found in this why. It might be because "the thing" connects you to your passion, because it's essential for maintaining your sanity, or simply because you've committed to it and value keeping your promises. If you're unclear about your why, consider taking some time to figure it out—it can be the fuel that sustains your perseverance.

For those seeking inspiration, I loved this conversation with the remarkable Zainab Salbi, who has devoted her life to advocating for women's rights and obviously knows her why to the core. Talk about persevering when an avalanche pours into your lake. This woman has done it.


Human-to-human connection is an integral part of who we are as social beings. Research shows that it is equally important as nutrition and exercise. If you are lucky enough to have soul-nourishing connections in your life, create space this week to feed your soul. Reach out and reinforce those connections. Your body will thank you.

One more thing...

"This is the sound of all of us
Singing with love and the will to trust
Leave the rest behind it will turn to dust
This is the sound of all of us
This is the sound of all of us"
- One Voice, The Wailin' Jennys

Until next time,

Steep Calm.

No. 3 - On connection
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