My passion for tea runs deep. Tea has been and remains my constant companion through my life and every day. When your personal values are serenity, perseverance and well-being, what fits the bill better than tea?

I started Island Elixir in 2022 with the vision of creating a more peaceful, compassionate world one cup of tea at a time. I am committed to making beautiful teas that encourage people to pause and Steep Calm into their day. A proud holder of a Pacific Rim home herbalist certificate, I am an ardent creator, weaving together unique blends that celebrate the boundless diversity of nature. With a PhD in engineering, I also pay careful attention to (a nice way of saying ‘obsess over’) the impact of our product on the planet and make eco-conscious choices that reflect our vision without compromising on flavour or feeling.

To me, tea isn't just a beverage. It's also an experience, a sensation, an emotion. I create and curate our teas to evoke not just flavours, but the indescribable feelings that accompany each sip – a sense of calm, rejuvenation, or pure delight.

With every cup, I invite you to join us in a world where extraordinary flavours harmonize in the feeling that only the perfect cup of tea can evoke.

Bree & the Island Elixir team