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At Island Elixir Tea Company, our mission is to cultivate a kind and compassionate world, one cup of tea at a time. We are dedicated to crafting beautiful teas that inspire individuals to pause and infuse calm into their daily lives. Our unique tea blends are lovingly crafted to prioritize both flavour and feeling, thoughtfully incorporating organically grown and locally sourced ingredients then packaged with care for the planet. With every sip, our teas offer a taste experience meticulously curated to delight the palate and nurture the spirit. Join us and #SteepCalm.

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Are you a grocery retailer looking for something special?  A florist interested in tea as an upsell?  A gift shop looking for something new?  A restaurant, café or BnB looking for delicious tea?  We would love to work with you!  Please fill out the  registration request below and let's chat tea.