Life is better when we are grounded and centred, ready to embrace whatever the day brings with a sense of curiosity and calm. Five minutes spent with a cup of tea that brings serenity and well-being (and sometimes a little caffeine!) is unrivalled in its ability to steep calm into body and soul.

Our selection of loose leaf teas, tea blends, and herbal infusions is carefully curated to delight your palate and nurture your spirit. Our small-batch blends, made right here in Victoria, B.C., feature organic and locally-sourced ingredients, ensuring every sip is packed with exceptional flavour without compromising the planet. Fall in love with your tea cupboard all over again.

Steep Calm,
Bree - Founder & Tea Artist

Tea to take you from First Light to your evening Nightcap

Our Day to Night bundle provides a beautiful varie'tea' to keep you calm and focused all through your day. Add on a Steep Calm Prep Set and amp up your tea time glamour.

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