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Perfect Infuser

Perfect Infuser

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Our Perfect Infuser comes to you packaged in 100% recycled GOTS cotton drawstring bag.  Great for gifting and perfect for taking on-the-go (tea fits too!).  

The infuser is vacuum plated stainless steel and made especially for us. It has a very fine mesh but remains easy to clean.  The lid keeps those beautiful tea aromas in the cup and then acts as a drip tray when the steeping is done.

Caution: The infuser lid can get quite hot.  Use a tea towel or serviette to keep your fingers safe! 

Hand wash is best.

Steeping instructions

Place the infuser in the cup so that it rests on the rim. Add 1 scoop tea for up to 350 ml (12 oz) size cup or a heaping scoop for 'giant' cups. Pour water over. Cover with lid and steep for the recommended time.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

We hope this is your lifetime strainer but life happens! Vacuum plated stainless steel is recyclable with any other metals.

Made in China

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