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Tea Thyme

Tea Thyme

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All teas (except for storage tin option) come packaged in bags made from wood and are home compostable. Learn more.

Wrap labels are printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and secured using non-toxic adhesives.

Tins are reusable (hand wash only) and curb-side recyclable in most municipalities.

My signature tisane - I loooove allspice and wanted to create a layered experience based on this beautiful spice. This tea is robust and lingers beautifully on the palate.


Allspice, apple, and thyme blend together to create a deliciously balanced tisane. You notice the thyme right away but, as you drink, it fades and is replaced by the sweetness of the apple perfectly paired with the earthy and slightly peppery notes of allspice. The finish is ginger and citrus with yarrow providing a smoothness of texture and gentle warmth.


Beyond all else, calm. A couple of sips to close your eyes, pause, and put your focus on the flavours. Like meditation in a cup.


Allspice*, milk thistle seed*, apple*, yarrow*, ginger*, grapefruit*, thyme*.

*Certified organic ingredient

Steeping instructions

Pour 1 cup (250 ml) hot water (95 C - 100 C) over 1 to 2 tsp of tisane. Let steep 3+ minutes.

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