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First Light

First Light

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All teas (except for storage tin option) come packaged in bags made from wood and are home compostable. Learn more.

Wrap labels are printed on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper and secured using non-toxic adhesives.

Tins are reusable (hand wash only) and curb-side recyclable in most municipalities.

Made for sipping at First Light, this blend of certified organic FBOP Chinese and Indian black teas with yerba maté kicks off your day with deep strength of character and smooth texture.


Smooth and slightly malty with honey and herbal notes.


Feel happy, energized, and ready to strike out into the world and make your mark.


Black tea*, yerba maté*.

*Certified organic ingredient

Steeping instructions

Pour 1 cup (250 ml) nearly boiling water (90 C - 100 C) over 1.5 tsp of tea. Let steep 2 to 4 minutes.

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